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11 Helpful tips on how to get rid of cellulite

Bumps on the bum or cellulite, as it is more properly known, is peculiarly a girl’s problem. It doesn’t affect men very often, because their collagen is angled differently to a women’s, so the fat cells don’t squeeze their way through the collagen, which is the cause of cellulite, like they do in a girl. The best way to avoid cellulite in the first place is, of course, exercise and healthy eating, but there are ways that you can reduce that orange peel look on your behind and here are 11 of them:

1. Dry brush your skin daily

Brushing your skin for just five minutes a day can help remove the cellulite quickly and stimulate blood circulation in your skin. Brushing with a natural bristle body brush will help to remove the toxins and promote a healthy blood flow in your skin, which will help to reduce the appearance of the cellulite. Do your body brushing starting from your feet and always move upwards, always brush towards your heart, to help revive circulation.

2. Cut down on junk food, alcohol and cut out the smoking

Our next tip on how to get rid of cellulite is – cut down on the toxins. The excess fat and fluid that is trapped under your skin could be a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle. Smoking, excessive drinking and a bad diet (eating processed foods, artificial foods that contain additives and sweeteners and high fat diary products) can aggravate the problem, so cutting out the junk food and smoking, and drinking only moderately will help to cut down the cellulite.

3. Drink plenty of water

Another tip on how to get rid of cellulite is – drink water more. It might seem a bit of weird to suggest that to get rid of excess fluid, you should drink more, but drinking water helps to flush the toxins from your body and it will encourage the release of stored fluids, including those fluids being stored in the form of cellulite.

4. Eat healthy foods

Eating healthy keeps you fit and helps to give you glowing, healthy skin and you can eat foods that will help to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Add more nuts, beans and fish to your diet for protein and berries and green tea for the antioxidants, and it will encourage the production of collagen, which will smooth out the bumps of cellulite.

5. Use cellulite creams

Opinions seem to be divided on the effectiveness of creams in treating cellulite, but studies have shown that creams that contain retinol, a form a vitamin A, are effective. A twice daily application of a cream containing retinol was shown to reduce the appearance of cellulite within six months. Yes, you need to be patient.

6. Coffee scrubs

Using coffee scrubs is another tip on how to get rid of cellulite. Make a paste of coffee grinds and warm water (or olive oil) and rub into the affected areas while in the shower. The effect of the massaging and the caffeine will help to promote the healthy flow of blood and lymphatic fluid, and help repair tissue. (You can also use sugar or salt instead of coffee grinds and mix it with olive oil, coconut oil or grape seed oil.)

7. Treat cellulite with essential oils

Essential oils massage also can help fight cellulite. Many people have reported a reduction in the appearance of cellulite, when they have massaged the affected area with a mixture of juniper essential oil and grape seed oil, as it is high in antioxidants (if you don’t have grape seed oil, then use olive oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil or any other carrier oil that you have at home). Add ten drops of juniper essential oil to a ¼ cup of olive oil (carrier oil) and massage in thoroughly. It is believed that the juniper oil penetrates the skin and firms the connective tissue, improving skin elasticity.

If you don’t have juniper essential oil, here are some other essential oils that can help fight cellulite the most efficiently:

– lemon essential oil,

– orange essential oil,

– grapefruit essential oil,

– rosemary essential oil,

– fennel essential oil,

– sage essential oil,

– black pepper essential oil,

– cypress essential oil,

– geranium essential oil.

To prepare the anti-cellulite treatment is easy: for every  ¼ cup of carrier oil (such as olive oil, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil, etc…) you need to add a total of 10 drops of essential oil. You can chose the carrier oil and essential oil from our suggested list above.

Massage a small amount of your homemade anti-cellulite blend into the affected areas of your body twice a day for about 3-5 minutes and take off any excess with a tissue if nessessary.

Quick note: before preparing anti-cellulite oil blends, make sure you are not allergic.

8. Try slimming bath salts

Our next tip on how to get rid of cellulite is – try slimming bath salts. Sliming bath salts that contain laminaria, seaweed and Epsom salt are thought to be an aid to slimming and reducing cellulite. The salts can help to draw toxins from the body, making your skin soft and smooth. Take these baths at least once or twice a week for 15-20 minutes and see your cellulite melt down. The anti-cellulite bath will only help, if you combine it with healthy lifestyle, exercising and healthy eating.

9. Anti-cellulite detox drink

To prepare the anti-cellulite detox drink you will need to mix: 1 cup of cold or warm water (not hot), 3 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice and add one teaspoon of cayenne pepper and a slice of ginger root (you can also add some honey if you want). Consume this drink once a day for a week, and see the difference. Cayenne pepper and ginger root are great for improving circulation and boosting the metabolism, leading to improved blood flow and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

10. Lose weight

Losing weight, in itself, will not cure cellulite and you can’t lose weight in just one area on your body. Losing weight overall, however, will reduce the amount of fat pushing up against your skin and reduce the appearance of the dimples in your skin.

11. Tone your muscles

You can’t lose fat from one specific area of your body, but you can tone specific muscles. If you build up and tone the muscles in the areas of your body affected by cellulite, it will help to smooth out the area and make the cellulite less prominent. Take up Pilates and Yoga, these are wonderful ways to tone and stretch your body, making your skin look smoother and improving the general functioning of your body.

Do you have some other tips on how to get rid of cellulite? Please, share them in the comment section below.

Stay pretty and happy!

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