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10 Things you need to know about waist training corsets

From the moment that Kim Kardashian was seen on Instagram wearing waist training corset, corsets came back with a bang and soon other celebrities were following suit, and the current waist training trend had begun. There’s nothing new about corsets and waist training, they’ve been around since the 16th century and they were very popular with the ladies of the Victorian era too. If you’ve been looking on at this latest trend and wondering if waist training works and if corsets are safe to wear, read on and find the ten things you need to know about waist training corsets.

1. Waist training corset does have an instant slimming effect

A corset will clinch at the waist and instantly make you slimmer and that can have a positive psychological effect. You don’t need to wear one every day, but when you do, you might feel more confident and self-assured. It can also make you more conscious of your figure and that might give you the incentive to take more exercise and eat more healthy food.

2. Waist training corsets doesn’t make you lose body fat though

Wearing a corset cannot make you lose body fat. The only way that you can do that is to burn off more calories through exercise and take on board fewer calories in your diet. A corset will give you an instantly slimmer looking figure, but once you take it off, you will soon return to your natural shape.

3. Young girls shouldn’t wear waist training corsets

It is certainly not advisable for young girls who are still growing to start wearing corsets. A tight corset worn for any length of time could cause permanent damage to young muscles and bones that are still growing.

4. Waist training corsets can be very uncomfortable to wear

The modern corsets may not be as uncomfortable as the old fashioned girdles used to be, but they are still not very comfortable to wear.  A corset will pull in tightly at the waist, pushing your stomach up towards your chest and that can make breathing more difficult and it can put a strain on your back. They can also cause bruising around the waist and nausea.

5. Waist training corset could be useful post-pregnancy

While corsets will not bring long term results for most people, they could be useful for women who have just given birth. Following childbirth, there are hormones present in the body that will help the body regain its pre-pregnancy shape and a corset could help to speed up that body reshaping process.

6. There are some health risks involved

If not worn too tightly and not worn constantly, waist training corsets are perfectly safe to wear. However, if you buy the wrong size and wear a corset that is too tight, it will crush tour stomach and put pressure on your internal organs. You could even fracture a rib, or cause damage to your kidneys.

7. Waist training corset will improve your posture

The tight fit of a corset will make you sit up straight and stand up tall, but it won’t be a permanent effect. It’s only that the structure of a corset will make it too uncomfortable to slouch; it won’t have any long lasting effect on your muscles or your posture at all.

8. Wear them occasionally and there will be no problem at all

There is nothing fundamentally wrong with wearing waist training corsets, so long as it is not too tight. Doctors recommend that corsets should only be worn for a few hours at a time, so they are fine for special occasions and nights out. It’s a good idea not to wear a brand new corset for a special event, break them in a bit at home first and then they will be more comfortable to wear.

9. Wearing a waist training corset during a workout won’t make you lose any more weight

Some people have suggested that wearing a waist training corset during a workout has increased the rate at which they lose weight. This could well be true, but any extra weight loss will only be temporary, because it will be due to a loss of fluids due to your sweating more, not any loss of extra body fat.

10. Waist training corsets can cause you to become dehydrated

Wearing a corset during physical exercise could also lead to dehydration. You will sweat more and you will breathe more heavily and this could lead to a greater loss of fluids, so make sure that you drink plenty of water when you wear a corset, especially now that the warmer weather is here. A tight corset in the hot weather could easily make you feel faint and unwell.

Have you ever tried wearing waist training corsets?

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