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10 Reasons Why Cycling/Biking Is Good For You?

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Almost everybody must have ridden a bicycle in their childhood. You also might have had cycling competitions with your siblings, cousins and friends to figure out who was the fastest or who had the most stamina. I quite vividly remember my childhood, riding my father’s adult Hero cycle, with the sense of content when the winds caressed my face.

Why is Cycling good for you?

Cycling is not only a fun filled activity, but also a great way to work out. Biking for women has real benefits and helps increase your strength and stamina. It also is one form of exercise that even a relatively old man can do too.

So here with a contended heart and a satisfied expression on my face, I list out 10 reasons as to why you should start cycling too:

1. Lose Weight:

Is biking a good way to lose weight? Yes, this question is the first one that came to my mind too. And the fact is that cycling a minimum of 30 – 45 minutes has immense benefits. Toping all the other reasons is that an useful activity that helps you to lose your weight. It is an excellent cardiovascular exercise ever and hence the weight loss!

2. Environment Friendly:

Besides being another form of travel, cycling is environmental friendly as it does not use any fuel like petrol or diesel but only uses muscle power. You can also contribute to saving the planet by commuting short distances on a bicycle. Biking is good for your knees.

3. Easy on Joints:

Cycling is a non – weight bearing exercise and easy on the knees and ankles as compared to running. It is an excellent cross – training workout for runners.

4. Sight Seeing:

In today’s hectic lifestyle we have forgotten to take a moment and look around at the nature. Cycling is a great activity to explore new places in the town and be one with nature.

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5. Sleep Deeply:

Cycling in the sun, be it early morning or afternoon or evening sun induces quality deep and restful sleep at night. Insomniacs can greatly benefit from this activity.

6. Stay Young:

Regular cycling can protect the skin by increased blood flow to provide more oxygen to the skin tissues and muscles. This in turn helps in flushing out harmful toxins, making you look younger.

7. Lower Stress:

Studies have shown that cyclists have lower stress levels as compared to non cyclists. The increased blood flow and sweat induces production of mood enhancing hormones leading to lower stress levels.

8. Beat Illness:

Cycling 3 – 4 times a week promotes good health and strengthens the immune cells to fight against illness. Cyclists are much less susceptible to taking sick days than couch potatoes.

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9. Improves Sex Life:

No denying this fact that regular exercise in any form helps in improving sex life. Also, a cyclist who cycles 3 – 4 days a week has less risk of being impotent. In women, cycling can delay the onset of menopause.

10. Increases Brain Power:

Increased blood flow to brain helps in boosting mental capacity. Studies have found that cycling can keep Alzheimer’s at bay.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump on that bicycle and pedal away to enjoy the immense benefits of it, as biking is good for your health!

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