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How Does Honey Help In Weight Loss?

8/25 8:37:54

Is it really true or just a myth? Honey which is a natural sweetener is helpful in losing weight? Sugar stores fat by increasing the amount of sugar in human blood. Thus, if we put honey in the place of sugar it should also function in the same manner. But no, honey does not spoil a person’s health by storing excess fat. Instead it contributes in melting the extra fat from the human body and provides energy to the body muscles by breaking down those stored fats.

Honey for Weight Loss

Honey being a natural ingredient possesses the power to fight against obesity. It prevents the body from gaining extra weight. One question must be striking on everybody’s mind that honey just like sugar is sweet in taste, then how come honey prevents weight gain? Though processed table sugar and honey both have a similar nature in the matter of their taste yet honey holds the potential to lose weight. Table sugar after going through processing loses all its nutrients. Thus, it depends upon other nutrients of the body to get itself absorbed. In this manner, the body starts lacking those essential nutrients as sugar utilizes them. Liver is the storage container of the refined sugar. Too much of sugar intake will swell the liver. The extra sugar will be turned back into the blood in the form of fatty acids. The obesity causing acids will then be stored in places like hip, breasts, belly, butts etc. Sugar thus causes obesity. On the other hand, honey is entirely a natural food. It does not need processing. It is packed up of essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals as well as amino acids. All of them work united for the proper functioning of cholesterol metabolism which means preventing fat to get stored in the body.

Broader View of Honey’s role for Shedding Pounds:

Honey plays a key role in dissolving the excessive fat from a person’s body. The glycemic index (GI) of honey is healthier than that of refined sugar. Healthier GI means sugar does not rush in when a person consumes honey. Hence, it is smoothly absorbed by the different body parts. It thus becomes a consistent energy source. Studies have exposed the important fact that due to honey consumption a person will not be facing a rush of sugar and then suddenly a crash of it. Now, the simple steps needed to follow for losing excessive weight are:

  • Having self control
  • Selection of the correct foods that burn calories.
  • Consuming high energy content food that will keep the body fit and healthy.

Honey alone looks after all these things. Let us take a look at how honey can control the sugar intake and shed pounds. Here is how to use honey for weight loss:

  • Honey’s sweetness amount is more than refined sugar- A person will not intake too much of honey simply because it is sweeter than sugar. In this manner it helps in melting pounds. Less sugar intake means less amount of stored fat. Moreover, after consuming this natural weight losing ingredient a person will definitely feel well and energized. A spoon of raw honey added to your morning tea or drink will work rapidly and positively.
  • Honey and Cinnamon cocktail melts weight- If this cocktail can be consumed every morning in an empty stomach just after waking up, then the pace of fat loss will surely be increased. Drink a tablespoon of raw honey along with one to two spoon of cinnamon in a glass of hot water to get rid of those extra pounds.
  • Lemon Juice and Honey- A mixture of warm water with two tablespoons of lemon juice and one tablespoon of raw honey can function magically if taken either every morning or evening. This citrus cocktail keeps the body parts hydrated and at the same time alkalized.
  • Honey also works efficiently if taken before and after regular exercise. Add spoonful honey into a bottle of cold drinking water and drink it before and after completing exercise. Honey is indeed a sweet treatment for losing weight.

Try honey for shedding those extra pounds from your body and be slim. Don’t forget to leave us a comment on this honey weight loss.

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