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How Does Yogurt Help You Lose Weight?

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Fabulous abs may seem a daydream to most of us. It is a mirage that people walking through the desert of weight loss seem to see, often! Now there are different ways to approach weight loss. We try different diets, various exercise regimes and make a few lifestyle changes. Together, these help in shedding a few pounds off your body. But do you know that there are specific foods that aid weight loss and yogurt tops that list. Don’t believe us? Read on and find out how yogurt can be a great food for bringing that weighing scale down.

Yogurt And Weight Loss:

It has been found that yogurt helps us lose weight by boosting the body’s ability to burn fat. Many people don’t agree with the thought of yogurt aiding weight loss. Researchers have proved that people, who included low-fat/fat-free yogurt in their diet, while on a weight loss plan, lost significantly more weight than people who did not. Yogurt is advised by doctors the world over for consistent weight loss.

How Does Yogurt For Weight Loss Work?

Yogurt is not just rich in protein, but a good source of calcium too. While on diet, it is extremely important to maintain one’s bone density. This is important for healthy weight loss. Yogurt burns fat while helping build muscle mass. Muscle mass is very crucial for managing your weight. Every pound of muscle added can burn anything between 30-50 calories, per day. Calcium fights belly fat. Protein burns fat and boosts the results of strength-training done by you. This rich combination of calcium and protein has been proved to increase one’s metabolic rate, improve digestion and bowel health. Yogurt diet is a great way of losing weight without starving. You can enjoy healthy-sized portions throughout the day and still shed off few pounds. There are three basic reasons as to how yogurt helps in losing weight.

1. Yogurt is nutritious yet low in calories

2. Yogurt is much more satisfying. A bowl full of low-fat yogurt makes you feel fuller for long compared to any fruit.

3. By including yogurt in your diet, you can actually eat a healthy-sized portion. This helps in binging less throughout the day.

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How to Include The Yogurt Diet for Weight Loss In Your Daily Plan?

1. Increase Your Overall Yogurt Intake:

Yogurt does come with a lot of nutrients and good bacteria, but it isn’t enough to sustain you. So use low-calorie yogurt instead of high-calorie ingredients in regular recipes. Use it for baking, as dips, salad dressings and other recipes. Include it in your breakfast, have it as your snack food with nuts, sweet or savory, use it as a topping on baked potato or for smoothies.

2. Use Low-Calorie and Homemade Yogurt:

Remember, when on a yogurt diet, you will have to include more and more of it on a daily basis. So it is best to go for home-made yogurt. It is pocket-friendly. The ones available in the market have sweeteners and calories added in some way or the other.

3. Spice Up Your Bowl:

Replace ice-cream with low-fat yogurt in your favorite smoothie recipe. It will only taste creamier and be low in calories too.

Tacos, nachos and enchiladas, all these can be topped with low-fat yogurt and sour cream, mixed together in equal parts.

Use plain yogurt and sweeten it using your favorite sweetener and fruits. Satisfy your sweet tooth’s calling using this flavored yogurt.

If you can’t have a bowl of plain yogurt, add nuts and berries or any other fruit to spice it up for you.

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We are sure after reading this post, you would reach out for a bowl of yogurt. So enjoy your bowl full of yogurt and let it take care of your weight loss. Do tell us how yogurt worked for you by leaving us your comment below. Thank you!

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