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Top 5 Diet Plans for Quick Weight Loss And Their Benefits

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Losing weight is a never-ending obsession. Keeping this in mind, new diets have been coming up, each promising to be the best weight loss diet plan! To be honest, not all of them have been effective in making people lose weight, and some have caused adverse effects on people’s health. Before starting any diet, it is important to make sure that you consult a physician to see whether the diet plan you have in mind is suitable for your health.

Top 9 Quick Weight Loss Diet Plans

A lot of people who are overweight want to lose those extra pounds fast. Although there are quite a few diet plans that can help you achieve this, they are not all effective. As mentioned earlier, some can pose serious threat to your health. It is wise to choose a diet plan that helps you lose weight and keeps you fit and healthy at the same time.

Here is a look at the top nine quick weight loss diet plans that can help you shed your extra weight fast:

1. Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers1

This is a diet plan for quick weight loss that is popular, especially among celebrities. The plan’s aim is to make sure that you do eat but only healthy foods. All you have to do is sign up for the diet’s ProPoints plan. Different foods have different points that add up to your limit for the week. Your weekly limits are defined by your health and also by how much weight you want to shed.

Experts say that Weight Watchers is a diet plan that allows you to eat healthy foods that give you the nutrition that your body requires. No foods are banned by this diet program. Fresh vegetables and fruits are a must. Instead of counting calories, you concentrate on the quality of the foods you consume. You also have a support group to help you and be there for you in times of need. This is a great way to lose weight as you do not only eat healthily but also have people to help when there are days that make you want to binge on fattening foods.

The Pros

  • Guaranteed weight loss.
  • Lower levels of craving.
  • Improved feeling of fullness.
  • Better exercises.
  • Overall improvement in health.
  • Regular follow-ups to keep you motivated.
  • Support groups for better results.

The Cons

None found.

The Verdict: A no-gimmick diet plan that is healthy and practical with guaranteed long-term results. It is ideal for those who want to eliminate flab and stay fit forever.

weight watchers2

2. The Paleo Diet

This is a diet plan that was designed to make people eat the way our ancestors ate during the Paleolithic Age. Cereal grains, processed foods, dairy products, potatoes, and beans are banned by this diet plan. There is no strict rule as such except for the barring of carbohydrate-rich foods. Meat lovers will love this diet for quick weight loss as it encourages the inclusion of fish, lean meats as well as eggs. Fruits and vegetables are of course a must. Our ancestors survived on these foods and stayed healthy and strong. There is no reason why we should not be able to do the same.

Experts say that it is a tough diet to follow for those who cannot do without carbohydrates. However, being able to eat lean meat and salads can make going through the diet less challenging and help you feel full without gaining any extra pounds.

Download a simple paleo diet app here.

The Paleo Diet

3. The 5:2 Diet

This is one of the most popular diet plans of 2012. It involves eating your normal diet for five days and then fasting for the next two. This helps in decreasing your calorie intake to a quarter of what your body normally takes in on a daily basis. Fasting here does not mean totally abstaining from food but rather eating small quantities of foods that make you feel full easily. Celebrities like Beyonce and Jennifer Aniston swear by this diet. Their extremely fit figures are proof of the wonders this diet does.

Experts recommend this diet as gourmet food. It can be enjoyed by dieters even while they are on the fasting days. It is also one of the few diet plans that have been properly researched by medical experts. You can even get a 5:2 recipe book to cook delicious meals that are healthy and helpful for weight loss.

4. The Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet

There are four phases to this diet. The first is to make sure that you eat protein-rich foods such as lean meats, eggs, fish, etc. for the first 2 to 5 days. The next phase involves the introduction of fresh veggies to your diet. You can eat veggies with the recommended protein sources or stick to just veggies. Starchy foods are a no-no at this point. Grains, pulses, and fruits should also be eliminated from your diet. This routine should be followed until you reach your target weight.

The next phase allows you to return to your normal diet without making you put on any extra pounds. You can enjoy two slices of bread, some cheese, and a fruit. Carbohydrates in two servings are also permitted during this stage of the diet. After this stage, you can return to your normal everyday diet for six days a week and keep a day for meals with protein only.

For this diet to work, experts say that you need to be dedicated and strong-willed. You should also take multivitamins to ensure that your body is not deprived of any nutrients as this diet makes you cut off certain food groups that are vital for health. If your body does not receive necessary nutrients, you will lose weight unhealthily, and that could cause many problems for your health in the long run.

5. The Clean And Lean Diet

The Clean And Lean Diet

This diet plan involves the consumption of foods that are fresh and unprocessed. Artificial food flavorings as well as preservatives should be totally avoided, so you will need to say goodbye to takeaways and ready meals. The foods that are part of your diet need to have no more than six ingredients to make sure that they are as close to being natural as possible.

This diet has no specific eating plan or routine. You should eat three meals on a daily basis and incorporate proteins, fats, and vegetables. The protein that you eat can be in the form of lean meats, fish, eggs, etc. Healthy fats can be derived from nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oil, etc. You need to make sure that your body gets the required amount of vitamins and minerals so fill your plate with colorful veggies, such as broccoli, sweet potatoes, spinach, and peppers.

According to the experts, the Clean and Lean Diet is one of the best diets as eliminating processed foods is very important even if you do not need to lose weight. You do not get lost out on any nutrients and can eat most foods. All that you are required to do is watch the size of the portions that you take in and eat healthily.

6. Volumetrics Diet

Akin to Weight Watchers, Volumetrics is also a practical, healthy plan that discourages the slimming enthusiasts to do away with the need for dieting entirely. The building blocks for this plan are nutritious foods coupled with exercise.

According to Dr. Barbara Rolls, the creator of this plan, it focuses on including foods that have lower energy density but high water content. This means you can munch more on your favorite fruits and veggies as much as you want, thus keeping your hunger away.

The Pros

  • You are free to eat all foods, just restrict yourself to the net calorie allotted.
  • Emphasis on 30 to 60 minute of daily exercising.
  • Inclusion of water and fiber rich diet.
  • Lower hunger pangs and appetite.
  • Feeling fuller.

The Cons

You have to keep a diary and keep track of your progress, which might sound boring for many.

The Verdict: A well-balanced, positive approach to slimming that offers long term results with uninterrupted commitment.

7. Jenny Craig Diet

This is yet another commercial diet plan that has been helping people for more than three decades. A three-tiered plan, it works on your body, mind, and food with the focus on portion control. The plan delivers portion-controlled meals with the daily intake restricted to a maximum of 1300 calories. You also get personalized exercise plans from trained professionals.

The Pros

  • Three tier plan with focus on portion control.
  • Personalized plan with exercise routine designed to meet your goals.
  • Zero cooking involved.
  • Balanced approach to long-term results.
  • Regular follow-ups to keep you motivated.

The Cons

If you love cooking, then you might easily be disappointed

The Verdict: An effective diet plan for long term results, especially if you are on the run, and does not have time to indulge in healthy cooking!

8. French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet

Created by Mireille Guiliano, this healthy eating diet plan is based on a simple idea. French women never diet nor do they skip meals or count calories while relishing their food. All they do is develop a healthy relationship with food that is balanced.

Talking about the basics, Guiliano has designed the plan with emphasis on including high-quality foods in your diet in moderate quantities, prepared using the freshest ingredients. She also advises you to drink water in plentiful amounts while sticking onto seasonal delicacies for cooking. According to her, you can dig into a piece of quality chocolate than bury yourself beneath a whole load of candy bars.

The Pros

  • No calorie counting or strict rules.
  • Emphasis on a balanced diet rich in seasonal foods, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Permission to drink lots of herbal teas and soups to promote metabolism.
  • Walking is the sole form of exercise recommended.

The Cons

  1. Laying your hands on fresh ingredients is a little tough at times. It might tempt the intolerant group to step off the plan.
  2. May not be a favorite with those who have a very hectic schedule and hence cannot cook.

The Verdict: A great diet plan for those who love to indulge in freshly cooked food and subtle exercising, but with long term results.

9. Best Life Diet

The basic concept of the Best Life Diet plan is quite similar to all the above-mentioned diet plans. Nutritious foods and exercise are the two keys to achieving your dream physique. According to this plan, people gain weight by overeating. Designed by the exercise physiologist, Bob Greene (the personal trainer of Oprah Winfrey. He is also the same person who helped Oprah shed 80 pounds), it focuses on tackling the root causes of overeating.

It not only helps you in eliminating the excess weight and keeping it away for good, but also revamps your entire life. Raw numbers – you lose up to 2 pounds a week in the initial two phases.

The Pros

  • It lets you understand the cause of you being out of shape.
  • Focus on graduated meal plans and fitness levels.
  • Affordable pricing when compared to other diet plans in the market.
  • Allows you to stick to your ingredients, in the absence of suggested ones in the recipes.

The Cons

Needs loads of commitment to notice visible changes, or else you will feel as if you have taken up yet another quick fix weight loss plan.

The Verdict: This is quite an affordable and effective weight loss diet plan that addresses the triggers of the overweight, which many a time is left out in the diet package. A promising diet plan that is sure to bestow you with miraculous results, if you are ready to commit.

There are countless healthy diet plans in the market, with each of them promising to help you get rid of the excess weight within days. Of these, many are truly dangerous and bizarre. But, these fad diets do not work in the long run. Choose a diet plan that is well –balanced and has its focus on food and exercise. Commit yourself to the one that fits your needs. Believe in yourself and the plan you have picked, and you will soon be able to see the results.

Benefits Of These Quick Weight Loss Diet Plans

These top nine diets are followed by celebrities, both male and female. It not only helps lose weight fast but also gives a healthier body from the inside. Many diets are great because they do not just help you lose weight but also make sure that you consume the right foods instead of the ever-popular and convenient fast foods that are everywhere. Junk food with artificial flavorings and sweeteners has become a normal diet for many people, causing obesity and heart-related diseases. The young and old are plagued by these health conditions due to the lack of fresh and healthy foods in their daily diets.

These diets allow your body to consume fresh fruits and vegetables which you would not normally think about eating unless you are trying to lose weight. Get the freshest veggies and fruits from organic markets where they sell goods that have been untouched by pesticides and other chemicals. With nutrient-rich foods going into your body without over-eating, you can shed the extra weight much faster and more easily. Reintroducing home-cooked meals with fresh ingredients is a great way to stay slim and keep you and your family safe from heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, etc.

With the help of these nine diets, you can lose weight and regain your health. Do remember that it is not only what you eat or do not eat that will help in shedding those extra pounds. Regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle are just as important as the diet you choose. You should also remember to consult your physician to make sure which diet would be best for you before you begin any one of them. The diet that you opt for needs to be suitable for your state of health, especially if you suffer from certain health problems.

Start on one of these great diet plans to lose weight faster and get back your confidence. With your willpower and discipline, you can achieve your target weight with ease if you follow the plans perfectly. Keep away from unhealthy foods and start living a healthier lifestyle and encourage your loved ones to do the same. The benefits you reap will be plentiful!

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