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8 Benefits Of Taking CLA for Weight Loss

8/25 8:37:07

Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a medication that aids in combating cancer, high blood pressure, cholesterol, inflammation, heart diseases and insulin resistance; it aids in reducing body fat, osteoporosis and helps to cure food-based allergic reactions. CLA is not produced by the body and therefore, it has to be taken as a dietary supplement or added to food products.

A Word of Caution:

This supplement must be avoided by pregnant women, lactating women or people under medication. Patients must consult their doctors before taking CLA as a dietary supplement for weight loss. This supplement must not be administered to people below the age of 18.

Efficiency of the Supplement:

This dietary supplement has not been evaluated strictly as a prescription drug and therefore, the efficiency and safety of the drug can be questioned. However, a lot of researchers and doctors consider the over-the-counter CLA drug to be possibly effective and safe!

Health Concerns of the Product:

The researchers from Uppsala University, Department of Public Health and Geriatrics, stated that the use of CLA supplements for weight loss can actually be a concern as they had found that CLA could induce hyperproinsulinamia in obese people. This situation is often used to diagnose and predict heart diseases, and diabetes in people. CLA supplements have been a subject of research for several years down the line and the findings also suggest certain benefits of using this product.

The advantages of using CLA are given below. They are:

Benefits of Taking CLA for Weight Loss:

1. Fighting Cancer:

The animal studies conducted on CLA supplements have shown that this product can fight breast, lung, skin, stomach and colorectal cancers. The researches performed on animals have revealed that a small quantity of CLA supplements included in the diet of cancer patients will help in reducing the tumors by approximately 50%

2. Enhances the Metabolic Rate:

This can be a great benefit for thyroid patients. It is because it can reduce the metabolic rate of those suffering from hypothyroidism, even while it’s being treated. Include CLA supplements in your diet for weight loss and for increasing the metabolic rate.

3. Lessens Abdominal Fat:

Thyroid patients suffer from adrenal and hormonal imbalances in the body. This can lead to rapid fat accumulation in the abdomen area. CLA can be quite helpful in reducing fat and aiding weight loss.

4. Increases Muscle Growth:

If you take CLA supplements, it will help in burning the muscle fat from the body. This in turn helps to increase the metabolic rate of the body. CLA supplements are, therefore, really helpful in burning fat from the body and in aiding weight loss.

5. Keeps a Check on Triglycerides and Cholesterol:

A lot of thyroid patients have elevated cholesterol and triglycerides in the body even with continued treatment. CLA supplements have a positive impact on the body and help in checking the cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

6. Lessens Insulin Resistance:

Insulin resistance is a problem for a lot of hypothyroid patients; CLA supplements help to lower it and prevent the onset of diabetes in humans. This product also helps in weight management.

7. Lessens Food-Related Allergic Reactions:

Food allergies can be a lot of trouble when you want to lose weight. It actually becomes even more difficult for hypothyroid patients. CLA supplements can induce weight loss easily.

8. Boosts the Immunity System:

The cases related to hypothyroid disease are autoimmune in nature and therefore, boosting the immunity system of the human body and making it perform properly, is a great advantage.

Therefore, if a person is interested in taking CLA for weight loss, he/she will have to remember that this is not a magic drug. In addition, you will have to follow a healthy diet and exercising routine too!

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