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What Is Ice Cream Diet And How Does It Help To Lose Weight?

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Of all the battles we fight in life, it’s probably weight loss that binds together a lot of people. Today we are leading a fast paced life where everything is instant. Binging on junk food and unhealthy food choices shoot up those pounds easily. Though we all know that regular exercise and a balanced diet is the successful way to lose weight, fad diets look tempting; after all we live in the world of ‘instant’ everything! In the name of detox, we are almost always making ourselves vulnerable to many health failures. The latest kid on the block is the ice cream diet. Is ice cream good for diet? It is called as a fad diet by many, but many also consider it as a healthy weight loss option. So, which side is right? Let’s find out!

What Is The Ice Cream Diet?

To lose weight through ice cream, you’ll have to go on an ice cream diet.

Kippy’s, a vegan ice cream store in Venice, is the brain behind the ice cream diet. The store offers five different variants of raw coconut- based ice creams for four days. Each serving is pint sized. The ice cream apparently contains only 25 gms of sugar and accounts for 1000-1200 gm of calories with a 70g fat intake.

Studies state that not more than 10% of the daily fat intake should come from saturated fats. Kippy’s still chose to stick by the mantra that raw saturated fat is as good as a miracle to get rid of body fat. It is a wonderful tool for detoxification. According to the proponents of this diet, it helps digest better, repairs the gut, helps the brain function better, and boosts metabolism. In accordance with the diet, the dieters consume the five different ice creams, which contain five different health benefits.

Participants are encouraged to drink as much water as they want. One reporter and his girlfriend took on this diet and lost around 6 pounds, only to get the pounds right back as soon as they were back on their regular diet.

Is The Ice Cream Diet Healthy?

Now, when we look at the side effects of this delicious diet, nutritionists and dieticians are not optimistic about this diet as it lacks nutritional value. There are no essential proteins, fibers, vitamins or minerals. Since you’ll be losing out on all the required nutrients when you are on this diet, you’ll be risking your health. Though this diet allows snacking on avocados and other fruits, they aren’t a part of the calorie-based plan and will be considered as extra calories.

What Is The Basis For Weight Loss In An Ice Cream Diet?

With this in mind, the only positive or rather, healthy aspect of this diet is the calcium. Calcium is known to aid weight loss because in absence of calcium, the body is known to make the cells bigger and encourage fat storage. So the trick is to select ice creams that contain less than 120-140 calories per serving.

Should You Opt For An Ice Cream Diet For Weight Loss?

We all should know that diets should be more of a lifestyle change. To lose weight and successfully keep it up, choosing healthy food should be the first step. In diets like this, where your everyday food intake is drastically altered and compromised, there is a serious hampering of nutrient intake and the overall health. Always remember to have balanced food with the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals.

Yes, the ice cream diet looks really on paper. After all, binging on ice cream is a dream comes true for many! The choice is yours to make! Now that you know the facts of what is the ice cream diet exactly, you are in a better position to make the decision, right?

Let us know what you think of the ice cream diet plan. Have you heard any success stories? Shoot a comment and let us know.

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