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7 Unbelievably Simple Ways For Teenage Girls To Lose Weight

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Obesity is one of the most commonly-faced problems today. It not only interferes with one’s self-confidence, but also affects and harms the day-to-day activities. The way you look and feel plays an important role in one’s life. And your body weight also plays an equally important role.

Most teenagers today crave for size-zero figures. I often find teenage girls following fad diets or crash diets to just slip into those body-hugging dresses that their favourite actresses sport on TV. Looking good always matters. However, possessing a size-zero figure or a slim body as the benchmark for looking good is an absolute wrong concept. What should matter is having a healthy and fit body.

Teenagers across the globe today are fighting against various diseases for blindly following crash diets and unhealthy food habits. Losing weight for teenage girls is very crucial who suffer from obesity. But this must be done in the right manner. If you too happen to be a teenager and want to shed a few kilos, here is an article to help you achieve your target with a little more caution.

Ways On How To Lose Weight For Teenage Girls

Little changes in your lifestyle can make you healthier. Let’s have a look at the tips on losing weight fast for teenage girls as described below:

1. Play, Play And Play:

Yes, you read that right. Playing can actually help you lose weight the right way. But, playing here doesn’t really mean playing indoor games. So put aside your play station and X-Box and hide away your smartphone too.

  • Get out in the open and indulge in various sports.
  • Playing sports make an amazing fitness activity.
  • It helps you stay fit (read lose weight) and at the same time it makes you learn team building skills. It also improves focus and concentration.
  • If you don’t enjoy sports like tennis or badminton, try your hand at cycling or even running.

2. Bunk Junk:

I know this would be too harsh on you. But, unless you bunk junk food you cannot dream of losing weight. One of the must to do tips on how to lose weight fast for teenage girls. Here is what you should do:

  • If giving up everything seems impossible, choose one and trade others.
  • There is no problem, if you cannot give up your popcorn in the theatre. But, trade your cold drink with a bottle of flavoured mineral water or plain water.
  • Replace chips with your favourite sandwich with roasted nuts.
  • If you crave for sweets, how about having more of fruits than ice cream. Low-fat frozen yogurt topped with fresh fruits can also be equally tempting and satisfying.
  • Junk food always makes you gain bad and stubborn weight, which gets really difficult to lose later.


3. Ditch That Soda Forever:

I know I have already broken your heart with those words, but you must always take the truth with a pinch of salt.

  • Sodas come loaded with empty calories.
  • They only add on more and more weight over a period of time.
  • Sodas affect the look of your skin.
  • If skipping it altogether is too much for you to do right now, at least opt for low-calorie or diet version.
  • You must also skip other beverages in the form of caffeine and other packaged foods as well.

4. Try Your Hand At Yoga:

Being a teenager, you are already hassled about ten other problems that have cropped up from nowhere. Add weight gain to it and you are in complete chaos. You have to give time to sort each one out separately, right? How about finding one solution for most of your problems?

  • Yoga is one of the best remedies for losing weight as a teenager and this holds true across generations.
  • It also gives you the power to combat other changes in your body and life.
  • It is considered as the best remedy for a calm mind, body and soul.
  • It channelizes more energy into your body and helps control your metabolism.
  • If you aren’t motivated enough for yoga, find a buddy who would accompany you and yoga will become all fun for you.

5. Never Skip Breakfast:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you are used to skipping it every day, think again. This could well be the reason behind your weight gain.

  • Experts say you must have your breakfast within 60 minutes of waking up in the morning.
  • A good breakfast should have a balance of protein, fibre and healthy carbs. Give beverages a thumbs down. Instead, opt for fresh fruit juices and fruits.
  • A good breakfast kick starts your metabolism, helping you lose weight faster.
  • When you have a proper breakfast every morning, you tend to eat lesser throughout the day.
  • Breakfast also helps you curb your hunger pangs and cravings throughout the day.

6. Sleep Well:

Studies suggest that when you sleep well, you tend to overeat or eat lesser the next day.

  • Always stick to a sleep schedule.
  • Sleeping late disrupts your next day’s routine.
  • When you are sleep-deprived, you tend to reach out for the unhealthier options of food.
  • You binge even when you aren’t really hungry.
  • Sleep-deprivation can make you feel lethargic all day and may even compel you to skip your daily exercises and other activities.
  • Never fall off to sleep with the TV on, the light disrupts your sleep and prevents deep and a good night’s sleep.

7. Keep At It:

The last but surely not the least one is keeping a check on your weight loss plan. A final great way to lose weight for teenage girl.

  • If you idolise hot bods and desire to have one like them, realise that they follow a strict regimen and follow their diets under supervision.
  • It is not possible to lose weight overnight.
  • Don’t give up, if you don’t see results immediately. It always takes time for such things to happen.
  • Be consistent in your approach and follow a mix of both diet and exercise.

These are the ways that will help you how to lose weight for teenage girls. Hope this article will motivate you to follow a healthy approach. Always remember, the way you look surely matters, but what matters even more is how you nurture yourself from within. Never judge yourself on the basis of your looks. Looks never are the right parameters to judge a person. Know the difference between being obese and being fit. Never mistake fitness for being size zero or any other fad trend.

If you are going to adopt this weight-loss strategy, write to us, how well you succeeded there. Until then, enjoy happy weight-loss journey.

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