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Does Drinking Cold Water Help You Lose Weight?

8/25 8:36:32

Have you ever heard about drinking cold water to lose weight? Cold water can help you lose weight-this may sound like a joke, but it is true! Cold water can help you lose weight!

Is cold water good for weight loss? It is proved that ice-cold water stimulates the metabolic rate of the body and increases the rate to lose weight. Many people have achieved their weight loss goal by following this method. However, many people claim that drinking cold water does nothing but make you feel cold! So, what is the truth? Let us find out!

Cold Water For Weight Loss:

When our body is exposed to cold temperatures, both inside and outside, it works to burn the deposited calories to keep itself stay warm. So, when you consume a glass of chilled water, your body burns the piled up calories to generate heat, which eventually helps you to lose weight.

Our metabolic system maintains the temperature of our body by burning the deposited calories. So, when you drink cold water, there is a sudden decrease in the body temperature. In order to balance the warmth, your body starts burning the excessive stored calories.

The people who followed this method of weight loss and consumed as many as 16 glasses of cold water per day lost about 18 calories each day, and that too without doing any workout!

How Should This Be Done?

It is a tempting way to lose excessive weight by just drinking cold water. However, you should consider a few things before following this weight loss method.

  • The people who are suffering from cardio-vascular diseases should not go in for this method as it can lead to severe complications.
  • People who are overweight might not get many benefits from this weight loss method as they need to control their diet to lose weight.

Does It Really Work?

The idea of drinking cold water for weight loss sounds perfect. It seems to be an effective way to lose weight. However, many researchers have raised questions about the effectiveness of this method. As per them, the calories that are burnt to stabilize the body temperature after drinking cold water are minimal and might not show any impact on the body weight as such.

On the contrary, these researchers believe that instead of drinking cold water, people should consume hot or warm water, which ensures healthy digestion and cleanses the body of all the toxins. They state that drinking warm water has more benefits for the body and can be more helpful for the body losing excess weight than cold water. Moreover, if combined with lime juice or fresh cucumber slices, it could be far more beneficial to lose weight than any diet recipe.

According to experts, drinking cold water can be helpful in keeping the body temperature in control in hotter climates, which prevents heat strokes. It is also helpful in rehydrating the body after a heavy workout session. However, for people who workout, there is no difference between drinking warm and cold water. What is more important to them is to consume more water that can flush the metabolic system to keep the body healthy.

So, be your judge! Will you start gulping down glasses of chilled water to lose weight? I guess there is no harm in doing so. But, just don’t expect any miracles to happen! We suggest you change your eating habits and workout a little – that will surely help you lose weight!

Have you ever heard about this method of losing weight? Will you try cold water for weight loss? Write us about its effectiveness in the comments section below.

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