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Running for weight loss

8/24 10:37:45

Taking up running as a means to lose weight is one of the best health decisions you can make...
Running is a cardiovascular exercise par excellence
It burns colossal amounts of calories without taking much space of your precious time.  Not only that, it can also help you boost your fitness level, decrease the likelihood of heart problems, reduce stress levels, and so on.
Nonetheless, not everyone who embarks on this path is guaranteed to shed the extra pounds for good.  However, if one follows the right training strategies for weight loss running, success is certain.
If  you're looking to lose weight through running, here are three guidelines that can help:
Healthy eating is the first step
Though running does burn lots of calories, the weight loss process only takes place when you take in fewer calories than you burn off. This is what is known as creating an energy deficit.
Therefore, if you want to lose weight by running, bear in mind that...
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