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Pay attention to serving sizes

8/24 10:34:14

Pay attention to serving sizes and eat fewer calories. One way to eat fewer calories is to limit your fat intake. No more than 30% of your daily calorie intake should be fat calories.

  • Foods that contain large amounts of fat might surprise you. Many types of baked goods, such as crackers, cakes, pancakes, pastries, and special breads, have high fat levels. So do many prepared, convenience, and take-out foods.

  • Fat-free foods are not necessarily low-calorie foods. Fat-free versions of popular snacks often contain simple carbohydrates that are rapidly absorbed and converted to body fat if consumed in excess.   

  • Substitute egg whites for whole eggs.

  • If you eat meat, eat it in moderation. Lean meats, skinless chicken, turkey, and sea foods are good choices.

  • Avoid high-fat foods such as popcorn, potato chips, cakes, pizza, cold cuts and other fatty meats, pancakes, cream cheese and other whole-fat cheeses, butters and oils, peanut butter, and salad dressings, special breads and pastries, and fried foods.   

  • Replace high-fat foods with the same quantity of low-fat, low-calorie food.

  • Prepare foods with little or no oils, butter, or other fats.

Remember, however, that some fat is necessary for a healthy body and mind. Doing away with all fat is not desirable.

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