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5 Ways to lose weight and keep it off

8/24 10:33:06

Do you feel despondent because you try every new diet and sometimes even manage to lose a few kilos, only to watch the weight creep back again?  Here are some tips on how to make a permanent change.

1.     Stop dieting!  (No really....)

Every time we put ourselves on a “diet”, our bodies rebel against this decision by going into “starvation mode”.  This means that your metabolism slows down dramatically and your body uses food far more economically. 

So it’s a double-blow: Not only are you denying yourself the pleasure of eating properly, but you also have to eat less just to maintain your weight (not to mention lose any of it)....

2.    Eat frequently

You can only benefit by eating five to six smaller meals and snacks a day.  By doing this, your metabolism is kept at peak performance (no warnings of starvation!)  and you will feel better too – blood sugar levels remain more stable, and as a result, your mind is clearer and you can function more efficiently.  It is also much easier on the digestive system.

3.    Allow yourself to enjoy food

This may seem obvious, but many of us have a guilt-ridden, love-hate relationship with food, especially those of us with weight problems.  When you focus on enjoying what you eat, you will be less tempted to overeat which will help with weight loss.

4.    A little bit of what you fancy

Or put differently, everything in moderation.   As soon as you restrict yourself and ban certain foods, you set yourself up for cravings and binges; rather allow yourself everything in moderate quantities. 

Having a choc-chip muffin with your coffee when you really feel like it occasionally is not going to do any harm; but obsessing about everything you cannot have when your diet is restrictive will eventually lead to bingeing, which is far worse for your health and weight.

5.    Get moving!

We can’t all be gym fanatics and joggers, but it is possible for everyone to become a bit more active.  If you do not enjoy formal exercise, try to be creative and incorporate some movement into your day. Climb the stairs instead of taking the lift, do some gardening, or park further away from the mall entrance. If you have a sedentary job, get up frequently and stretch properly....  it really does make a difference!
"I have a special interest in people’s relationship with food and eating. Problems associated with eating, obesity and overweight are problems that are becoming more prevalent and because of the health risk (and also aesthetic factors which influence the way we feel about ourselves), and these issues need to be addressed.

That is what I endeavour to do by working with the client to develop a positive attitude towards food and by developing an individualised plan that will suit each person."
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