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5 Worst diet excuses

8/24 10:30:40

The list goes on when coming up with excuses to lose weight … either you’re too busy, too poor or too sad or….  Here are the top five worst diet excuses and the reasons why they should be dismissed.

1. It’s too expensive

Many people say that they can’t afford to eat more healthily. But, healthy eating can be just as budget-friendly as spending money on junk food! For example, swapping your chocolate bar or packet of chips for an apple can actually save you money and calories. Start by reducing your portion sizes and swapping unhealthy snacks for fresh fruit or vegetables. Purchasing dried legumes for protein, buying in bulk and freezing leftovers are also welcoming when wanting to keep costs down.

2. I’m too busy

Many of us lead busy lifestyles, juggling work and family commitments alongside our social lives. This shouldn’t be an excuse for ditching the diet. Remember, fruit and nuts are just as easy to eat on the go as a packet of crisps, and a healthy salad can be whipped up in the same time it takes to read through a takeaway menu and place your order. As long as you are following a healthy, balanced eating plan instead of an overly restrictive diet, you should feel energised and fuelled to successfully tackle your busy day.

3. I’ve had a bad day

Are you an emotional eater? While you may think that giving into the temptation for a tasty treat will compensate for a bad day, it will most likely only make you feel guilty and bloated as well as stressed out. If you know you’re an emotional eater, it’s important to find a healthier way to deal with your feelings e.g. exercising, chatting with a friend etc. to help you resist those unhealthy cravings the next time you’re feeling down or stressed.

4. I deserve a treat

The opposite of an emotional eater (who reaches for food in times of trouble) is a celebratory eater – who will excuse their junk-food-bingeing episode with the reasoning that they deserve the treat as a reward for something. The truth is that - you do deserve a treat; what you do not deserve is to punish your poor body by filling it up with junk food and empty calories. Try treating yourself to a massage or pampering session instead.

5. It’s genetics

Your genes can determine where and how easily fat is stored but you are not powerless to shift those kilograms. Research suggests that regular exercise outweighs the effects of “fat genes”. So, whether your family have ingrained unhealthy eating habits into you from a young age, or you feel you are genetically fat, you can still combat this with a healthy eating plan and exercise.


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