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WIN a FREE TLC-for-weight-loss Program

8/24 10:29:55

TLC-For-Weight-loss-Wellbeing is giving away a FREE TLC-Program. All you have to do is enter to be the lucky winner!

At TLC-For-Weight-Loss-Wellbeing we know that our clients maintain their weight long-term! 

Imagine … achieving a healthy weight in a short period of time and then maintaining it for many years … easily! 

Now you can lose weight rapidly, safely, and long-term without pills, shakes, injections or meal replacements.

TLC-PROGRAMS ARE PERSONALISED:  A simple easy-to-follow eating plan based on your own unique profile.

TLC-PROGRAMS PRODUCE RAPID RESULTS: TLC uses the right combination and exact quantities of the right foods to trigger your body's own metabolic processes to burn fat, and achieve rapid, effective and safe weight loss.

TLC-PROGRAMS ARE EASY TO FOLLOW: 4 TLC-phases...simple steps to success.

TLC SUPPORT AND TOOLS: You will be guided and supported by a professionally trained TLC-weight-loss and wellbeing coach and have access to the TLC-Well-Log e-Tools.

TLC = LONG TERM RESULTS: TLC will guide you on how to maintain a healthy weight long term allowing you to live a healthy, normal life without dieting!

TLC IS EXPERIENCED: Our results over 25 years (since 1987) speak fr themselves, just ask our clients!

TLC-Clients Amanda and Pauline both achieved their goal weights years ago and have maintained their weight.


“My journey to a healthy life began seven years ago with a TLC-Program. Although I only had seven kilos to lose I knew that getting my health on track would change my life! 

Little did I know how much it would. With my new life I started a new career and have been a TLC-Retailer in the Cape for many years … now I have the joy of helping other people achieve and maintain their goals. 

One of my first clients, Pauline, also featured here, has maintained her weight for five years, and I can say the same for many of my clients.  All you have to do is take that first step … and then IMAGINE A NEW YOU!”


“I sit here today on the five year anniversary of the new me.  It all started with taking that first step with TLC. Week after week the kilos melted away and in a few months I had lost 30kg and reached my goal weight! 

My only fear was, would it last?  I put my fears aside and embraced my new lust for life and I can happily say five years later that I have maintained my weight and live a healthy lifestyle. 

None of it would have been possible without TLC and Amanda!”
For more information on the TLC-Program go to www.tlcforwellbeing.com

For a FREE ASSESSEMENT (assessment) contact our Call Centre: 0861 000 852

Competition:  WIN a FREE TLC-Program

To enter and win go to: http://tlcforwellbeing.com/win-tlcprogram-a-90.html?tPath=44

Competition closes 30 November 2012.

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