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Lose up to 2 dress sizes in a month with a TLC program

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At TLC-For-Weight-Loss-Wellbeing we believe a life of wellness begins by being at a healthy weight…
Several studies have shown that the major benefit of weight loss is that it improves not merely one risk factor but the entire risk-factor profile.
Weight reduction has been shown to improve glycemic control in obese patients with type 2 diabetes, reduce blood pressure in obese patients with hypertension, and improve lipid levels in obese patients with dyslipidemia (high blood cholesterol).

Now you can lose weight rapidly, safely, and long-term without pills, shakes, injections or meal replacements

  • TLC-PROGRAMS ARE PERSONALISED: A simple easy-to-follow eating plan based on your own unique profile.

  • TLC-PROGRAMS PRODUCE RAPID RESULTS: TLC uses the right combination and exact quantities of the right foods to trigger your body's own metabolic processes to burn fat, and achieve rapid, effective and safe weight loss.

  • TLC-PROGRAMS ARE EASY TO FOLLOW: 4 TLC-phases...simple steps to success

  • TLC SUPPORT AND TOOLS: You will be guided and supported by a professionally trained TLC-weight-loss and wellbeing coach and have access to the TLC-Well-Log e-Tools.

  • TLC IS EXPERIENCED: Our results over 25 years (since 1987) speak for themselves, just ask our clients!

In the words of one of our successful TLC-Clients (Amanda de Koker):

"I did my TLC-Program 100% from day one!  Every day as the kilos dropped off I believed in myself a little more and this motivated me to reach my goal weight. I started off at 100,4kg and I am happy now to maintain my weight at 60kg (having lost an amazing 40,4kg).
I feel great and with my new confidence it is wonderful to walk into a shop and take a size 34 off the shelf and know that it fits me perfectly. I also have loads of energy and headaches are a thing of the past!
I want to motivate other people who maybe feel like I did to lose their weight … if I can do it anyone can!
I must thank my TLC-Weight-loss Coach and mentor Amanda Botes (TLC-Durbanville) who was such a great inspiration to me.  She was always there for me and I know she will be in the future. Thank you TLC!”
TO REQUEST AND BOOK A FREE ASSESSMENT GO TO: http://tlcforwellbeing.com/tlc_online.php
For more information on the TLC-Program go to www.tlcforwellbeing.com or contact the TLC-Call Centre: 0861 000 852
For daily updates, health information, client success stories, etc., please like our Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/TLCforWeightLossSA

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