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Eat healthy home cooked meals to lose weight

8/24 10:27:15

If you want to lose weight, ensure your metabolism is working at an optimal speed by eating three home cooked meals and a few healthy snacks every day.

It’s good old common sense but it’s easily forgotten when faced with the convenience of fast food and heat-and-eat meals.  But if you think about it, the most nutritious food is often that which has been prepared at home!

If you want to slim down, put on your chef’s hat and start making home cooked meals. You’ll be able to ensure the freshest and healthiest ingredients are used, control portion sizes and you could even adjust recipes to make favourite meals healthier than ever before!

Instead of deep frying potato chips, bake them in the oven and you’ll cut calories while avoiding those unhealthy trans-fats!  Instead of deep-fried chicken, make a healthier version at home by brushing chicken pieces with egg, dusting them with flour and spices, and baking in the oven until golden.

Snacking between meals doesn't have to derail your diet either! In moderation, snack on nutritious raw unsalted nuts, fruit and yoghurt. And to quiet a chocolate craving, make a chocolate milk drink using unsweetened cocoa.

Start calling the shots in your kitchen and you’ll soon see the results in your waistline!

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