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Burn calories by fidgeting

8/24 10:27:13

Did you know that when you fidget, you are actually burning calories?

Whether it’s swinging your hands from side to side, wriggling your body around, tapping your feet or even using your fingers to comb through your hair – you are burning small amounts of calories every time you engage in these or other fidgeting movements. 

Research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, revealed that there was a fifty-four percent increase in energy expenditure for those participants who engaged in fidgeting activities as compared with those who just rested on their backs.

Of course, it may be at the expense of leaving people around you wondering why you’re clowning around or doing what may seem like silly actions to some, but if you keep it simple and casual, your calorie burning movements may go unnoticed. It’s when you lose the weight, that everyone will notice!

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