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Weight gaining temptations at work

8/24 10:27:04

Do you find that there are certain food and drink temptations at work that may make your waistline grow?

Vending machines may be the biggest culprit. Loaded with a wide variety of calorie laden snacks, these nibbles may offer minimal nutrition if any at all. Whether it’s chocolate bars, potato chips or sweets, there will always be a temptation if you find these items glaring at you every day.

The kitchen countertop may be lined with high calorie beverage drinks as well, not forgetting the huge tubs of sugar and creamer that lies next to them. Hot and cold drinks may both be loaded with fattening ingredients so take a closer look at what you’re drinking.

Try chatting to management about providing healthier snack options for staff and suggest a water cooler as well. Everyone will benefit from these changes!

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