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Pack your own lunch and lose weight!

8/24 10:26:59

Try getting up a few minutes earlier to pack your own lunch from home, as opposed to buying a lunch that has been already been prepared and packed for you!

There are many reasons why these few extra minutes at home may be beneficial to your weight loss plans. Firstly, you will have control over the portion size of your meal, which unlike pre-packed meals, will prevent you from overeating.

You will also ensure that only the best quality ingredients are used in preparation. 

An even better benefit is that you can check and make adjustments (if necessary) to ensure that your meal is balanced, that it includes foods from the various food groups.

Try adding colour to your lunches, for example adding beans or strips of grilled chicken to a plain salad will not only make it look more appetizing, but will also provide you with a good dose of protein.

And lastly, an added advantage is that you can include some of your favourite foods into your lunch, for example if you love cucumbers – you can add it to a tuna and mayonnaise sandwich. Healthy, yet delicious! Who says you can’t enjoy food without gaining weight?



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