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Weight loss tips from successful losers

8/24 10:26:21

Ever wonder how successful losers have lost weight and have managed to keep it off?
According to researchers involved with the National Weight Control Registry, at the University of Colorado, successful losers who have lost 13 kilograms and have managed to maintain their weight loss for more than a year, did the following:

• They limited their calorie intake to approximately 1 400 calories a day.
• They restricted fat to approximately 24% of calories.
• They started the day with breakfast.
• They ate a wide variety of foods and did not follow fad diets.
• They did regular exercise, with walking being the activity of choice.
• They kept a food journal to help them stay on the course.
• They weighed themselves regularly.

Successful participants added that adopting a healthier lifestyle and maintaining their weight loss became easier over time.

So if you are trying to lose weight, just persevere and take one day at a time - don’t give up! It gets easier!

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