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Lose weight with better meal planning

8/24 10:25:54

Would you believe that using your freezer will help you to lose weight? If not, then read on …
What to do with leftovers?

We tend to store leftovers in the refrigerator and then what happens?

We’re peckish and open the refrigerator only for our eyes to be drawn to that leftover roast or creamy pasta. The temptation cannot be ignored and we find ourselves snacking on what was once our meal!
Freeze food

Try freezing your leftover foods instead. This will save you time on food preparation on another day and more importantly, you will not choose this option as a snack as it will require too much time to defrost and heat before eating.
Snack on healthier options

Try snacking on easier access healthy foods and fruits tend to top this list! It’s quick to wash (if at all!), takes minimal effort to eat, and will keep your calories low enough to burn within a short period of time.

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