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Eat in kitchen or dining room: prevent weight gain

8/24 10:25:37

Did you know that having your meals in either the kitchen or the dining room may actually help you prevent weight gain?

It is believed that when people eat anywhere in the house, other activities, in which they are involved, may trigger a signal in the brain to prompt them to start eating.

Distractions promote overeating
Take for example eating while watching television, whether it is a meal or mere snacking. The distraction may promote overeating as you may be unaware of your portion size and may eat more than you would usually do.

So where should you eat?
You can try limiting eating your meals to either the kitchen or dining room, where your focus will be on your food and nothing else.

Banish distractions
Don’t allow yourself to get distracted from your meal, even if you eat in the kitchen or dining room.

Try switching off any technological device that may disturb you from your meal. This includes the television, the radio and even your computer if you are one of those people who are usually guilty of viewing emails during meal time.

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