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Aid weight loss by clearing clutter

8/24 10:24:57

Clearing clutter is a simple and easy way to promote weight loss, as it provides space for food preparation Thus eating out is limited.
Start with the kitchen counters
Try keeping your kitchen counters free of books, bags, newspapers, etc., as this is the space that you will utilise daily, to prepare foods – whether it’s cutting fruit for snacks, chopping vegetables for dinner or marinating meat for a braai!
Donate or give away old books
Donate or give away books or reading material that you no longer read. What may seem worthless to you may be valuable to someone else.
Support a greener environment and recycle papers that you have no other use for, after reading. Newspapers, in particular, tend to accumulate and you would be surprised at how much space they actually take when just lying around or stored.
Keep unnecessary items out of kitchen
Similarly, clear away items that don’t belong in the kitchen so as to make more space for food preparation. For example, handbags and shoes belong in the bedroom (or wherever else, you store them) so try leaving them there as soon as you need to remove them. This will make it easier and save you time when you need to start dinner.
Store cutlery in drawers
Cutlery that is not used daily or regularly should be neatly set away in your kitchen cupboards until needed. In this way, not only will you have more space for food preparation but you will also know where all your kitchen utensils are, when they are needed.

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