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A dietician can support your weight loss attempts

8/24 10:24:43

A dietician can be one of the best professionals to consult, if you are about to begin your weight loss programme.

A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine revealed that dietary counselling facilitates weight loss, specifically during the first year of a programme.

Adopt a new eating plan

A dietician could be useful in motivating you to consider suitable or new food options when creating a new eating plan. He or she will advise you on which foods to avoid and which you must include. For example, she may advise you to limit refined foods such as pastries and opt for more healthy foods such as fruit and vegetables.

Provides nutritional information

A dietician will also be able to provide evidence-based nutrition information, such as which minerals and nutrients are present in certain foods, the average number of calories in a certain quantity of food, etc.

In addition, a dietician can be a helpful source of support especially at times when you are craving foods that you are advised to avoid. He or she will help keep you on track in your weight loss strategy.

If you need to find a dietician in your area, try contacting the Association for Dietetics of South Africa (ADSA).

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