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Keep serving trays away from dining table

8/24 10:24:29

Do you dish your food from the pot or serving tray and then dine at the table? Or do you lay the table with food, before sitting down?
It seems that the way in which you dine could affect your weight.
Serving trays should stay in the kitchen
According to Myhealthnewsdaily, pots and serving dishes should be kept in the kitchen. This allows you to measure out the serving size for each individual's plate, which can then be brought out to the dining room table. If anyone wants a second helping, they can get up to get it but do not place excess food on the table as people tend to consume more if it is visibly in front of them.
Don’t think of buffets
Think of a restaurant buffet as opposed to a fine dining restaurant for example. At the buffet restaurant, food options are available at any portion size you want (or can handle!), whilst at a fine dining restaurant – you are given exactly what your’e paying for.

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