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Dont let discouragement affect weight loss

8/24 10:24:22

Are you trying to lose weight, but find that you get discouraged along the way? Stop right there, DON’T allow yourself to get discouraged.
It’s very easy to watch weight loss television shows, and be amazed at just how quickly some of the contestants seem to lose so much weight, within a relatively short period of time. But ask yourself if you are really viewing the whole scenario, or just snippets of the weight loss plan that the contestants are really following. It is possible, too, that the participants are working out far more than we see on the one hour slot of the programme.
Weight loss is different for everyone
You may also observe that your friend or another family member loses twice the amount of weight than you do. But remember that diet, as well as exercise plans, may vary. In addition, our genetic makeup and the way our bodies handle weight, and losing it, is different.
So what can we do?
Stop comparing yourself to others and discouraging yourself. Focus on your own weight loss goals instead. Improve your diet and exercise habits steadily, and reward yourself every time you reach a milestone.

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