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Why takeaways are unhealthy for weight loss

8/24 10:24:20

If consumed occasionally, takeaways may not have a huge effect on your diet. However, if you are on a weight loss plan, it is advisable to avoid eating them regularly.
Ready made foods can in fact be part of a healthy weight-loss program, just as long as you know how to incorporate them. Here are a few ideas:
1. Avoid supersize combo meals. These can throw your portion size out the door! If you must have an item in a combo meal, try sharing the meal with a family member or friend. You could even take half of the meal away, instead of aiming to empty your plate!
2. Sip on water instead of cooldrinks. Most takeaways come with a choice of beverage, and most beverages are loaded with calories, so try making the healthy choice and stick with just plain water. You could add a slice of lemon if you need some flavour.
3. Choose salads over chips. Chips are high in fat and thus high in calories, while salads are low in calories and are loaded with nutrients. Just remember to reduce the amount of, or skip the salad dressing altogether!
4. Go for grilled foods. Grilled foods are a better option than deep-fried foods, with regard to the fat content. Consuming deep-fried foods once in a while is fine, but don't make it a habit, or else you may lose track of your weight loss plan.
Seek assistance from a dietician, if you are experiencing difficulty in determining what food alternatives are better for weight loss.

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