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Dont allow your sweet tooth to support weight gain

8/24 10:24:11

Here are some simple steps to successfully get rid of your sweet tooth, and those after dinner cravings …
According to Live Strong, the following steps will help you to get rid of your sweet tooth.
Step 1
Have a small healthy treat after your meal. Examples are two blocks of dark chocolate or some fruit. You could even have some yoghurt or a handful of nuts. Avoid the biscuits, cakes and pastries.
Step 2
After eating, brush your teeth! Research has shown that the minty taste in your mouth helps to keep sugar cravings at bay. You could try chewing some sugar-free mint gum, if you are not at home, are out with friends, or at the office, etc.
Step 3
Try drinking some herbal tea or sugar-free coffee if you have a craving. Remember not to add sugar or loads of full cream milk as it contains fat. If you must have milk, then go for fat free.
Remember that it takes a few weeks before these new habits become automatic, so don’t cut yourself short – stick to your plan even when it gets difficult and before you know it, you will start to look and feel more trim!

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