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Apples and pears keeps the weight away

8/24 10:23:32

Increasing your intake of apples may help prevent you from gaining weight, it seems.

Apples are loaded with water as well as fibre so consuming them with help fill up your stomach, leaving you consuming less of other foods.

Eat apples or pears and lose weight

According to Reader’s Digest, studies in Washington State and Brazil have shown that people who eat a minimal of three apples a day lose weight. The same result was found for pears also.

Varieties to choose from

So if you are not a lover of apples, pears may be a suitable alternative for you! With so many varieties of both fruit available, your choices are endless!

Furthermore, it was found that eating two small apples and two fewer large biscuits can save you approximately 100 calories! That is a big amount for just a small change, so consider dropping the biscuits and go for apples to improve your weight loss efforts.

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