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Lose weight by avoiding the breadbasket

8/24 10:23:31

Do you enjoy snacking on a slice of fresh white bread, laden with heavy butter, whilst waiting for your main course to arrive?

Whether it’s at your favourite restaurant or even at home, you should try avoiding the temptation to partake on this empty calorie snack.

Refined foods

Remember that white bread is considered a refined food, as it is processed, and offers minimal nutritional value.

Added fats and sugars

Apart from the fats and sugars that were added to the product, during the manufacturing process, excess amounts are smeared on when we reach for the mini butter or jam tubs.

Healthier options

Consider having a salad instead, whilst awaiting your main course. It is loaded with nutrients, will help provide an overall balanced meal and will even fill you up a little, leaving less place for the mains – which is excellent for weight loss!

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