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WIN with Fat Buster!

8/24 10:23:17

With Winter in full swing, there's only one way to stop yourself gaining weight from your favourite comfort food!

Yes, eat the foods you love and still lose weight!  It is never too late to start getting into shape!  

Fat Buster is the ONLY product on the market that allows you to eat your everyday foods and still lose weight! 

Fat Buster is 100% natural

Fat Buster works by trapping the fat from the foods that you eat. 

Fat Buster contains Chitosan, which is fibre derived from the hard outer covering of shellfish such as crab and prawns. Chitosan has the unique ability to trap fat, transforming it into an indigestible gel which then leaves your body naturally. 

Your body uses fat to function, but because Fat Buster traps the fat from your food, it is forced to use up any stored body fat in order to function optimally. 

Fat Buster detoxifies the body

It is also excellent for relieving constipation and irritable bowel syndrome, and many people with under-active thyroids have also benefited.  

Fat Buster is also excellent for diabetes as it helps to maintain a constant blood sugar level.


Testimonial from Julian & Alayne Moodley (Pictured)

“We would like to share our amazing Fat Buster experience with you!”

Fatbuster has helped us to shed approximately 50kg between the two of us.  Having tried many diets and been unsuccessful - the good food has always won the battle.  

Fat Buster was the ONLY product that actually worked and allowed us to eat our normal foods.  We have kept the excess weight off for two years and it certainly has made a huge difference in our lives. It has boosted our self-confidence and we’ve never been happier.  

It has been a life-changing experience that makes us want to share the “secret” with everyone. We totally recommend Fat Buster to anybody serious about losing weight and keeping it off!  

- Julian and Alayne Moodley, Northglen 

All4Women SPECIAL! 

Order a two-month supply and get R50 OFF. Order a three month supply and get 10 Days Complimentary Holiday accommodation for two adults and three children worth R15 000 absolutely FREE!!!

Visit www.thefatbuster.co.za for more testimonials and pictures.  

To order, call 0861fatbuster / 0861 328 287 or 032 943 3910

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