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Motivate yourself by capturing weight loss

8/24 10:22:00
Taking photos of yourself may be very motivating, if you are on a weight loss plan What better way to note your weight loss progress, than to actually see it!If you are diligently sticking to your weight loss plan, then you should consider taking photos of yourself at regular intervals for example, monthly or every five weeks, etc. You will be able to see just how much a difference losing weight has made to your health, self esteem and the size of your clothing.Noticeable differencesYou may observe that the condition of your skin and hair has improved, you look much more confident or have even dropped a dress size or two.Long term weight lossHealthy weight loss is a process and you should not expect results overnight. Changes may even be observed over a few months, depending on your weight loss strategy so take it one step at a time.And don’t forget to share those pictures with others – you may just be able to motivate your overweight friends and family to shed some weight too!
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