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Losing visceral belly fat

8/24 10:21:43
Some men may have too much visceral belly fat without even knowing it. So how can they know whether they fall in this category?Men ideally should measure their waistline every several months. If their measurement is approaching 101,6 centimetres, then it is definitely time for them to start making some serious lifestyle changes. These changes should include both diet as well as physical exercises.Yahoo Health suggests the following that may help men ‘to tame belly fat’:1.    Lose weight if you're overweight. 2.    Engage in vigorous exercise several times a week. Even though any exercise may help to decrease visceral fat, it seems that high-intensity exercise yields the best results. However, if you are not very fit, you could start with walking and as your fitness level increases you could perhaps alternate walking with short periods of running, ‘gradually increasing the intensity over time’. Resistance training could also be incorporated into your workout. 3.    Avoid consuming processed carbohydrates and opt for whole foods that are naturally high in fibre, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. 4.    Reduce your intake of saturated fats from animal foods and full-fat dairy products. Try consuming healthier fats such as those found in nuts, olives, avocados as well as omega-3 fats which is found in fatty fish.5.     Reduce your alcohol intake as consuming three or more drinks a day can increase visceral fat.
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