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Make your own dinner deck

8/24 10:21:31
Planning what you’re going to have for all your dinners during the week may help prevent you from making rash and unhealthy choices.Registered dietitians Dawn Jackson Blatner, Elizabeth Ward, Bonnie Taub-Dix and Keith Ayoob suggest creating your own deck of cards. One each card you plan a different, simple and healthy dinner. There’s no reason not to include your favourites, just as long as it’s healthy.List recipe on cardsEvery card should list the ingredients for the recipe on one side and directions on how to prepare it on the other side. This will be useful if your partner, spouse or another family member is designated to prepare dinner on a specific day.Stay on trackThe advantage of this system is that it will help you stay on track regarding eating healthily and low calorie meals, if you hadn’t planned a meal in advance. Otherwise you will find yourself heading for your nearest take-away outlet and consuming large portions of high calorie junk foods – throwing your weight loss goals right out the door!
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