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Burn fat by running just below your lactate threshold

8/24 10:20:59
Do you know what your lactate threshold is and how you can use it, to help you burn fat?According to Real Buzz, ‘The Journal of Sports Science and Medicine found that men who were relatively unfit burnt more fat when they ran just below their lactate threshold compared to very fit athletes’. So how do you know what your lactate threshold is?Real Buzz says you need to do the following in order to run below your lactate threshold.1.    Warm up and begin to jog. 2.    Increase your speed every two minutes until you find that it becomes difficult to breathe and your muscles begin to burn. Real Buzz says that when you begin to experience this you have found your lactate threshold. You MUST then slow down. To increase the amount of fat that you can burn when running, you must run below this threshold.Seek medical attentionRemember to consult your doctor before adopting any new weight loss exercises and always stop if you experience any discomfort. 
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