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Ban fad diets

8/24 10:20:44

Have you ever adopted a fad diet in an attempt to lose weight? Do you try fad diets regularly?
Whether it’s eliminating carbohydrates, giving up fat or even taking so-called dieting pills, people throughout the world often take drastic measures in the hope of losing weight.
Not a long-term solution
According to Gillian Michaels, personal trainer, none of the above mentioned alternatives are manageable in the long term. In addition, they may actually cause health problems which could affect the quality of your life.
Changes in metabolism
In addition, fad diets may upset your metabolism, as you may find yourself either starving, or eliminating a major food group completely. You may find yourself in ‘weight-gain mode, but it's even worse, because your body has adjusted to all that crazy fad crap.’
See a dietician if you require a new eating plan. Be sure to check with your medical doctor first, if you suffer from any medical conditions.

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