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Need to get some daily exercise?

8/24 10:20:19

Do you find that you struggle to exercise daily or don’t know how to include exercise into your daily life?
WebMd offers the following four steps to make exercise a part of your daily life:
1.    Some activity is better than none at all. So when you have a choice between walking or driving, opt for walking. Even slow activity burns calories so increasing the amount of walking you do can be great for weight loss.
2.    Find activities that you enjoy and that keep you coming back for more. This will keep you motivated and positive about being active.
3.    Start small. Overly ambitious plans tend to end in burnout and may cause you to give up too easily.
4.    Increase the duration of workouts or workout intensity in small increments, only when you feel comfortable and ready to do so. Don’t be hasty and push yourself too hard.

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