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Prevent weight gain with a healthy diet

8/24 10:20:17

Prevent weight gain by following a healthy diet and being conscious of what you are eating at all times.
WebMd suggests the following steps to a healthier diet:
1.    Plan meals ahead of time. This helps to keep unhealthy temptations at bay. It may also be a good idea to prepare and freeze meals in advance as well so it is readily available when needed. It will also save you time, energy and effort.
2.    Replace unhealthy ingredients with healthy ones. For example, an omelet made with egg whites and vegetables is by far healthier than one that is loaded with full cream cheese and fatty sausage.
3.    Cut down on your portion size as we often overeat whilst we are already full. Try drinking a glass of water before your meal as this will help you feel full faster.
4.    Slow down when you eat. Chew each bite properly and never rush your meals. Allow your body the time to let you know that you are full, instead of continuously gobbling down food.

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