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Shop until you drop the weight

8/24 10:18:36

There are several ways that you can get your body using up energy when planning a shopping extravanganza.

Park as far away from the entrance as possible

Parking far and walking to the store of your choice will require you to use more energy and thus burn more calories. Plus you will be carrying some weight on your way back – that is, in the form of all your shopping bags! Avoid using a trolley or getting help, if possible.

Walk down all the aisles

Take a few extra minutes and walk down that extra aisle or two – even if you don’t need the dog food or cleaning detergents! Remember, you don’t have to buy anything. The idea is to increase your physical activity.

Try clothing items on

Try a few clothing items on. The stretching, bending and twisting will help keep your body flexible.

Window shopping

Nothing to buy? Go window shopping! Walking burns calories too.

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