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Surround yourself with healthy foods

8/24 10:17:47

Go for fruit

Fresh fruit is the simplest and easiest healthy food to purchase, store, and consume - so stock up on whichever fruit you enjoy. A variety of different fruit is always a good idea, so that you will get different vitamins, flavours and textures.


Nuts are great to snack on, especially at work or while shopping. Opt for the raw, unsalted version and watch your portion size!


Try washing and chopping up some of your favourite vegetables, so that you can have something healthy to nibble on when peckish. Cucumbers, celery, carrots, bell peppers, green beans, snap peas, are excellent examples, and are great when eaten chilled.

You could also stock up on low-fat, plain yoghurt and other healthy foods that you enjoy.

In this way, the temptation to snack on processed and unhealthy junk food will be restricted.

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