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Reduce weight gain by serving healthy foods

8/24 10:17:39

This is not necessary. Food can still be enjoyed, even if it is healthy. In fact, these days there is an increasing number of people who would prefer eating the healthier food alternatives.

Entertaining guests at home is much better than taking them out for a meal as you are more in control of what is served, how it is prepared and when it is served.

Healthy meals

Here are some healthy ideas on what can be served. Always include a salad as one of the dishes that you are serving. If making dressings, opt for yoghurt based ones instead of oil based ones. Meats can be grilled, together with a host of different vegetables to add a variety of flavours as well as textures.

Fresh ingredients

You could also opt for whatever vegetables are in season. In this way, you can ensure that you are consuming only the freshest and best quality of ingredients.

When to serve

Meals should be served before guests are uncomfortably hungry as this may cause overeating, a feeling of being bloated as well as stomach discomfort. It is also advisable not to place all the food out at once, as we often eat more when we see more food.

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