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Why drinking water can help you lose weight

8/24 10:17:29

What does water have to do with weight loss? How important is it and why do we need to drink at least eight glasses of water every day?

There are a few reasons why water is so good for us in general. It’s especially beneficial if you’re trying to lose weight.

Water fills you up

Fill up with a glass of water the next time you find yourself hungry at an odd time during the day. You might be surprised to find that you no longer crave food afterwards. Water is filling, but it shouldn’t be consumed in place of food. Your body needs the right nutrients and fibres as well as water to keep running properly.

Water is hydrating

You’re constantly sweating and losing moisture throughout the day, especially during those hot summer months or when exercising. Dehydration slows down the metabolism in your body, in other words – the fat-burning process. This is why you need to keep hydrated.

One of the easiest ways to boost your metabolism and get hydrated first thing in the morning is to drink a glass of room temperature water.

Tips to drink more water during the day:

  • Keep water on your desk in front of you at work and make sure you drink a glass at least once every hour. This will also give you a good excuse to stretch your legs on the way to the bathroom!

  • Add a slice of lemon or some fresh mint to your water to give it some flavour.

  • Make sure that you have water with you in the car whenever you go out for errands.

  • Instead of cooldrink, put a jug of water on the dinner table for everyone to share.

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