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Workout more and lose more

8/24 10:16:06

All you would need to do for example is add an additional 10-15 minutes of cardio exercise to your workout routine every day, in order to increase the number of calories you are burning.

For example

If you generally exercise for approximately 25 minutes daily, try extending this time to between 35 and 40 minutes. Alternatively you could even have two sessions of 20 minute duration each, if you find that you cannot cope or are unable to complete a 40 minute session comfortably.

Get creative

Remember that burning calories doesn’t have to mean doing boring exercises. If you are not too keen on performing exercises then find other creative ways to burn calories such as dancing, jumping on a trampoline, cleaning the house, etc.

It’s the amount of time you spend engaging in physical activity that counts, even though some exercises or activities tend to burn more calories than others. Start small and easy and you will work your way up to a more strenuous routine as you become and feel more fit and possibly a dress size or two smaller.

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