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5 Celeb diet tricks that work

8/24 10:15:54

It's no secret... there are some dodgy celeb diet fads out there, but there are also plenty of healthy diet tricks that celebs swear by.

These are simple, everyday tips that anyone can use to help lose weight.

Here's what you need to do if you want to follow five healthy celeb diet tricks:

Eat breakfast

Celebrity trainer for Penelope Cruz and Jennifer Lopez, Gunnar Peterson, suggests eating something within 30 minutes of waking up. “You want to send your body a sign that you're not starving so it starts burning fat,” Peterson explains. Eating breakfast jump-starts your metabolism, which helps prevent overeating during the day.

Cut out white foods

Cameron Diaz's trainer, Teddy Bass, suggests cutting out all white carbs when his clients prepare for a movie or special event. White carbs such as bread, pasta, rice and cookies are high in sugar. This doesn't mean that you should over-indulge in whole-wheat products, though. Keep a healthy balance and eat more fruit and veggies which also contain carbs, such as butternut, carrots and bananas.

Be picky about vegetables

Before a big event, celebs like Charlize Theron pile their plates with asparagus and green beans, which are high in filling fibre, but are less likely to cause bloating. Nutritionist Carrie Wiatt, tells her clients (which include Fergie and Denise Richards) to stock up with watery veggies and fruits such as cucumbers, melons, oranges, lettuce, etc. These help flush out your system and get rid of bloat.

Eat spicy food

Anne Hathaway and Liv Tyler keep in shape by adding spices to their foods. Supermodel trainer, David Kirsch, recommends adding red pepper flakes and chopped jalapeños to meals. “It makes food taste delicious and turns down hunger, so you eat less,” he says.


Celebs like Jennifer Garner and Elizabeth Berkley carry 150-calorie snacks in cooler bags wherever they go. “It's really important to eat something, even if it's just 150 to 200 calories, every three to four hours,” trainer Valerie Waters explains. “Your blood sugar can drop quickly, making you go from feeling kind of hungry to thinking, 'Omigod, if I don't eat now I will kill somebody.'"

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