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Drop calories by eating more cabbage

8/24 10:15:16

A natural weight loss food

Cabbage is an extremely underestimated vegetable and is known as the dieter's friend, due to its health benefits and versatility.

Forget about that watery, tasteless cabbage soup from Charlie and the chocolate factory. There are so many more interesting ways to eat and prepare cabbage these days!

Ways to enjoy cabbage

You can really get creative when it comes to preparing green or red cabbage.

Try making a summer salad with chopped up crunchy cabbage, instead of lettuce or spinach, or make a coleslaw salad.

You can stuff cabbage leaves with a tasty chicken, beef or vegetarian mix, or simply steam, season, and enjoy it as a side to your main meal.

Health benefits of eating cabbage

Cabbage has the fewest calories and the least fat of any vegetable!

Not only that, but it has a reputation for fighting cancer, and is a great source of vitamin C, fibre, potassium, and other nutrients.

Bok choy – a type of cabbage – offers an important source of calcium, which is perfect for people who don't eat dairy products.

If you're looking for something interesting to cook, why not buy a head of cabbage and enjoy the health benefits of this versatile, tasty vegetable!

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