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Weight loss tips for busy moms

8/24 10:14:44

Smart and simple lifestyle changes

If you're a busy mom, your weight loss goals probably tend to take a backseat to the demands of juggling a family, job and household.

When there's barely enough time to stand and enjoy a quiet moment by yourself, fitting in time to focus on your weight loss goals might seem nearly impossible.

But... it's not.

In fact, by simply switching up a few things during your day, you might be surprised to find a few golden 'free time' moments you can use, and simple things that you can already start doing from today.

Here are a few tips you can try...

Smarten up on your portions

If you want to cut calories without sacrificing your favourite foods – or making an entirely separate meal altogether – try eating off a smaller plate, like a side plate. You can also load up a bigger plate with salad and healthy veggies, and leave a little room for carbs, side dishes and meat.

Use technology to your advantage

If you have a Smartphone or iPhone, there are tons of free weight loss and fitness phone apps available to download. These are fantastic if you're in need of an extra boost of motivation, or some much-needed moral support from fellow moms or busy women who are also trying to lose weight.

Squeeze in some basic activity

Instead of sitting in the car when the kids are doing extra murals, go for a walk. Or if you're feeling really brave, take a jog around the school. Do jumping jacks or running on the spot in front of the TV between your favourite shows, or make it a family affair and take a fun walk around the neighbourhood after supper.

Get it done in 21 minutes

You only need two and a half hours of moderate exercise each week to keep your body in shape. This works out to roughly 21 minutes a day. Even the busiest of moms can find time to fit this in every day – and you don't have to do it all in one go either. Break it up into 10-minute intervals and pick something you enjoy doing, such as walking, yoga, a 10-minute workout DVD, swimming, or even simply dancing around the living room to your favourite CD!

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