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4 Painless ways to get your couch potatoes moving!

8/24 10:14:35

Do you have a partner or family of couch potatoes who sit glued to the TV or computer most nights or weekends?

Here are four fun ideas to get them up, moving and a lot more active...

Get yourself moving

Children get their cues from parents, so if you're making an effort to be more active, so will they. The same goes for your spouse or partner.

Make a concerted effort to enjoy what you're doing – no one's going to want to work out if it feels like a chore.

Set a routine

Just like homework, going to work, or showering, being active should form part of your day – even if you only manage to fit in 20 minutes.

Take a quick family jog before school in the morning, or a relaxing walk around the neighbourhood before suppertime. Explore your surroundings over weekends – go hiking, play soccer on the beach, etc.

Make exercise fun and accessible

Choose activities that your partner or family will enjoy doing, such as cycling, dancing, playing cricket, etc.

Then make sure that whatever they need is accessible at all times, like balls, skipping ropes, exercise DVDs, fitness Xbox games, etc.

High-fives and praises

A simple high-five, a pat on the back, or a “way to go”, are fantastic ways to boost morale and keep everyone feeling positive about what they're doing.

Exercising should be fun, so make a deal of the small things, and before you know it, your couch potatoes will be swapping those electronics for some fun workout time!

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