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Do this to cut food portions without feeling hungry

8/24 10:14:13

It's no use cutting your meal portions down – only to discover that you're still ravenous once your plate is clean.

Eating too little food can be dangerous for your health and your body.

Rather focus on swapping certain foods on your plate. Here's an easy idea to try...

Add veggie fillers

Vegetables aren't only packed full of great nutrients, but they're also a super way to bulk up your meals and keep you full - without packing on the calories.

If you're trying to cut back on meat for example, replace regular mince with diced mushrooms. Mushrooms are known as the “meatiest” of vegetables. Or, instead of having a meat patty for your homemade burger, fry or bake a portobello mushroom.

Spinach is another fantastic vegetable that you can use in just about any meal and it's an excellent source of fibre and iron. Toss it raw into salads, add it to sandwiches with cheese and tomato, or cook it into stir-fries and pastas.

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