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Total calories in your favourite glass of wine

8/24 10:13:57

Sugar levels and fermentation processes

Now's your chance to find out just how many calories are in a glass of wine – or if red wine is healthier than white wine.

Crisp, mellow, white, bubbly, earthy, red, or rosé... There are so many different types of wine, sugar content levels and fermentation processes when it comes to calories per bottle or glass.

Take a look and see if any of your favourite wines are listed below...

Calories per 120 ml glass of wine

  1. Dry white wine – 77 calories

  2. Champagne – 89 calories

  3. Sparkling white wine – 87 calories

  4. Medium white wine – 87 calories

  5. Rosé – 83 calories

  6. Sweet white wine – 110 calories

  7. Red wine – 82 calories

  8. Dry sherry (50 ml) – 58 calories

  9. Medium sherry (50 ml) – 58 calories

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